Clean Auto Repair Shops Win

By on January 16, 2018

Tip of the Day

You may already know this as it’s pretty much common sense. But a lot of auto repair shop owners don’t do

anything about it. “It” is having a clean and presentable shop. Although it makes perfect sense to do this, there are a lot of slackers. And those slackers are never going to be able to create and maintain a more successful shop than anyone regularly participating on our threads.

Our goal is to at least help 100 shop owners in the world vastly improve their revenue, profitability and leverage their time the best way possible in 2018 through means of business development and marketing.


Yeah, we’re telling you what to do. Because for some odd reason you’re not gonna do it otherwise. Having a clean shop isn’t even where we draw the line though. If your garage is going to be clean, what’s even more important is to have your waiting area and the front of your office clean. Let’s say someone is driving past your shop, and they end up parking their car to go into your shop for an estimate. They chose your shop because it was clean in the garage and the workplace seemed very well kept.

Now, the customer walks in the door only to find a messy waiting room and cluttered office over the desk. This will immediately turn off a customer and will not allow you to demand a good price for your work. Unless you’re really cheap on labor, the customer will very likely leave and go to your competitor.

People just want to put their car in someone’s hands they can trust. And nothing appears more trustworthy about an auto repair shop than a clean and nice looking waiting area. It show that you invest money back into your customers, which is an automatic good sign for anyone psychologically. It’s a cognitive bias for a customer to reciprocate with you due to your “gift” to them as a customer.

How Do We Know This Works?

There are plenty of examples of shops that just recently renovated and now are doing much better than before. In fact, there’s a shop that does auto repair Las Vegas that just renovated in the last 2 months. These last 2 months they reported to us were the best in their entire history of any month in the past 7 years.

Take a look at these photos of their renovations yourself here.

It just makes sense if you think about it for a bit. Imagine walking into a parts store that was dirty and was just as expensive as a major chain that’s clean. This is why major franchises do well. It’s part of their policy to stay clean to hold the brand to a good status. Every shop owner needs to understand this. Whether you own an automotive mechanic shop, a car rental facility or a car dealership; you MUST incorporate this into your policies as well. Don’t fight this, everyone reading this is here to expand their automotive business. Follow our advice that got us to $10MM/year and you will flourish.

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Automotive Marketing for More Referrals

By on January 15, 2018

Tip of the Day

Coming up in the next few months we’ll be growing our community of auto repair shop owners to the brink of explosion. There are many automotive company owners that need what we at DRIVE can offer them – a means of knowing what to do to expand in business.

Today’s quick tip is going to be:


While many mechanics that own their own shops are not aware that marketing is revolutionizing, there are the top players that will stay ahead of the curve and keep winning. The key is to become one of these top players in your local area. The way to do this is very simple, always keep up with the changes in marketing.

Doing marketing for an auto repair shop is tough as it is. Let alone staying ahead of the curve and learning all the new tips and tricks that come out on a regular basis. Almost every owner of a shop will tell me, “I don’t have time to do that”; and they’re probably right. So the thing is, you need to  hire a marketing manager for your company if you really want to grow.

Let me explain. A marketing manager will cost you $60,000/yr for a more than decent person. BUT, what this person will do for you, is not only take marketing off your hands as a task, but will also increase your revenue like wildfire.

The Breakdown

Why like wildfire you ask? Well, you need to understand that you are already getting referrals, which I’m assuming is the case of every shop that’s open for business. The trick isn’t to figure out how to get more referrals, at least not yet. So, the actual key is to get more NEW customers through your door and paying you for your services. This is adding more customers in your already up and running “referral machine” and will multiply your referrals directly to the amount of new customers you’re acquiring.

To break it down very simply:

A) 100 customers = 25 referrals = 125 total customers year 1.

B) 200 customers = 50 referrals = 250 total customers year 1.

The only difference between the 2 is that in one scenario you got more new customers – which bumps up your amount of referrals by just leveraging raw numbers.

This is a very powerful concept to understand. If you got it, share this to your social.

Check out our clean auto repair shop article here

Drive Rent A Car Is Booming

By on August 17, 2017

Our location for Drive Rent A Car in Ecuador is literally booming. We’re getting so much business that we decided to open up locations in the United States. Our new mission with this website is to spread the word about our new locations and mainly, to talk about how to run a successful automotive business. The automotive industry has been the same way for many many years; but something we just recently learned and implemented into our business (the reason it’s booming now) is going to knock the socks off of anyone interested in starting an automotive type of business. The knowledge we have to share with you is exclusive to the automotive industry and we want to get it in your hands as soon as possible. Come back later to to learn the methods we have to share with you.